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jordan black varsity red Ty Beanie Boos Buddy&" />
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air jordan black varsity red Ty Beanie Boos Buddy Fetch the Dalmatian
air jordan black varsity red Ty Beanie Boos Buddy Fetch the Dalmatian
[2016 Li Ningyun two generation of field protection shoes]

people who love running have the heart of a brave man. Even when the weather is not so perfect in autumn and winter, their feet to the treadmill always stay in the greenhouse, the challenging field is what they really want to set foot on the journey. But the cold wind, the frequent rain and snow, and the slippery road make the runner 's "Conquest" journey difficult. For this reason, Lining launched the "two generation of field protection running shoes" in the season: waterproof, skid resistance, excellent shock mitigation, and focus on field protection. It helps the runners avoid the bad weather on the road to conquer the wild, and make "the stronger the wind is, the more heart my heart is," becoming the real situation of.

waterproof and skidding, no fear of cold war field

autumn and winter rain and snow frequent, wind prevention and prevention of water splashing is an indispensable feature of the field shoes in autumn and winter. Li Ningyun two shoes vamp after Water Shell field protection water repellent treatment technology, combined with the fine fabric to form the inside and outside insulation barrier, effectively prevent the intrusion, avoid excessive loss of the temperature inside the shoe, can prevent rain and wet shoe in bad weather, keep feet dry, the runners can take time for complex the weather conditions. In addition, the good air permeability of the fabric material can prevent the foot from muggy and further improve the comfort.
[shoe upper for WATER SHELL water splashing treatment]
in the anti slip performance, Li Ningyun used the two generation field protection shoes field siped outsole, multi direction bottom pattern path and toothed rubber so shoes antiskid performance is excellent, and can be easily mud, maximally prevent the foot slipping caused fall, so as to ensure the safety of outdoor activities.
[multi direction bottoms and toothed rubber antiskid] bottom]
double medium bottom, excellent slow shock to reduce damage

in the complex road conditions, good shock absorption is a necessary skill to ensure long time activities. Li Ningyun two field door running shoes equipped with double density in bottom - stability of Li Ningyun high density cloud material to provide a good guide, right foot trajectory, to run the friends to bring smooth running experience; low density cloud material is soft and comfortable, with excellent damping performance, physical damage and the combination of the two can effectively reduce the cause long time movement.
[with Li Ningyun double density midsole, good shock resistance]
looks bright, and winter runs as colourful as

functional excellence, natural appearance also conform to no conventional pattern. As a high quality autumn and winter sports shoe, Li Ningyun's two generation of field protective shoes have made a great deal of effort in appearance. The shoe surface is combined with the fashionable camouflage elements. It uses camouflage printing patterns, and the military style is full. With large block print, it is fashionable and personalized. In addition, Li Ningyun two generation of field protection shoes in total bring 8 colors, across the warm and warm colors, to meet your different preferences for color. Whether you are willing to keep in line with the dark season, or to add a bit of bright winter to the winter, you can use it.

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