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Data map.
Qianjiang Evening News July 26th news, the weather is hot, the night run is also hot, do you join it?

don't think running is a simple thing, the equipment is appropriate, whether the action is accurate, running time and distance to grasp are very key factor, run on physical fitness, if I ran the wrong will be harmful to health, the most common bone injury to excessive movement caused by the and even the need for joint replacement.

, this is not a great alarmist. On the 25 day, the Qianjiang Evening News reporter met Mr. Tong Peijian in the outpatient department of Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, director of orthopaedics department. He ran for 15 years at night. At last he practiced his figure, but he couldn't even go all the way.

Chen is of medium size, a black sports and leisure dress, a healthy and sunny look, and is very recognizable in a group of waiting patients.

"I love sports, will be done every day, only in accordance with the time off degree of exercise every day is not fixed, but this one night running to 15 years, more than three times a week, at least once ran 5 kilometers, often ran 10 kilometers that night a person be nothing difficult, around the district enjoy the special feeling perspiration comes down like raindrops." He said, the face suddenly clouded beam with joy. He touched her practice with muscle leg is about to speak, but saying nothing.

"running is his favorite sport, last year he went to Hangzhou Ma, ran half horse, originally wanted to try this year in Malaysia, but the leg is wrong, 1 km run much pain, the doctor said check hip bone was abruptly worn in a complete mess, again not a willful running, if we do not pay attention to deteriorate, he even walks will become very difficult, it is the only way for artificial joint replacement." Accompanied by the wife told the money newspaper reporter, he was 40 years old, it is in the full vigour of life when, if the action inconvenience, it will be to his future work and life are greatly affected.

chat here, just turn to Mr. Chen, a group of students sitting in the consulting room director Tong side, because this is the return, he did not ask a lot, just check out the film picked up directly, while watching the side also nodded and said: "from the results of the examination, our previous suspicions are correct, congenital hip joint you is not good, than normal people lack a small move when the joints wear will be more powerful than ordinary people, usually walk does not have a clear feeling, when running up the damage is big, not to mention you are running loss and degeneration of Months and years pass by., joint will than normal acceleration, for example, the joint of normal life for 60 years, you do that life is reduced to 40 years, or even shorter."

Mr. Chen to regret it, when I was in college night running for fitness, running is the most convenient and effective body movement, always thought that as long as the body will be able to run, is good, did not want to have to not overdo sth. running, excess not only.

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